Refresher Course

Back in the industry?  Licensed tech but are a bit rusty?  Frustrated with your application and results? Well read this…
TEN can help you in person or online – yes we have some awesome options for you.

T.E.N’s  Refresher Course is designed to help the Nail Technician who is new  to the industry or who has not done nails for an extensive amount of time or feels the need to brush up on techniques, application because they are not happy with their results.  
 By the end of the course, students will have enough knowledge to successfully apply gel enhancements with the intent of being able to consistently produce a set of salon nails in a minimal amount of time, time after time and can satisfy even the neediest clients.
Education is offered in the shortest amount of time for the least cost, to teach you exactly what you need to know in order to produce salon quality gel nails.  In return, you understand your need to practice regularly outside of class in order to acquire speed and precision. 

Models are required for this course for optimum education.  (Use of a nail trainer can be provided) Models should wear the nails you’ve applied for the entire two weeks so that they can be evaluated on Days 3 and/or 4.  Please ensure you and your models understand this requirement before you book your course.

Importance of thorough sanitation, prep & disinfection
Prep for gels
Disorders and Damaged Nails
Correct gel placement
Proper tip application
Form placement for sculpting
Finish Filing

SCHEDULE & PROGRAM DURATION : Week 1, 2 days  4hr – or 1 8hr Instructed Day Classes, Week 2, 2 days 4hr  – or 1 8hr Instructed Day Classes   

EXAMINATION: There will be an evaluation report from your educator on your application and you will receive a certificate from T.E.N.  All   
TUITION FEE $350.00,  +Product requirements or kit is the  discretion of the Educator,  Applicable Taxes will apply
REGISTRATION FEE: $100.00   Deposits are non-refundable unless cancellations are 14 days prior to start of class