About TEN Products

TEN’s Linkage a protein bonder has become the most sought after bonder making it a industry leader.
It has helped many technicians, from beginner to pro, with problem lifters of all magnitudes.
Linkage is the nail technician’s best friend in business.  It is used for application of sculpts or tips, fills & re-balance’s, used under a simple nail polish application, used under gel polish application or used as a repair product for the natural nail.
Thousands of Nail technicians can’t live without Linkage.

How does it work?  Linkage works as a molecular bridge attaching to the keratin in the natural nail plate putting a protective layer over it and then attaching to the enhancement of choice whether it be gel or acrylic,  gel polish or nail polish.

TEN’s (Poly) Gel’s are not a soak-able gel and not really a hard gel either.  Poly plastics are what make up squeezable bottles, pliable containers and milk jugs. If you look at these products you can see that even though they are thin, as compared to a plastic milk jug, they are very tough and flexible.

TENs gel’s strength is like no other’s.  As all three layers join; Natural Nail, Linkage (bonder) and Gel, they are completely linked to one another giving unbeatable strength over the entire nail!   You can maintain a very thin totally natural looking nail with strength and flexibility.  This is what you get with TEN’s poly gels.  NO OTHER gel company provides this type of gel product. Brenda Anderson, the owner of the U.S. TEN and myself have our products made by a private chemist. So, ours is not just another product we have picked out of a major manufacturer line up of products. These are crafted by an independent chemist who shares his knowledge with us so we know exactly just what our products can do and how and why they have such superior performance in the salon.

There is no sticky inhibition layer to deal with either when using T.E.N gels – it cures hard and shiny.   Just apply bonder, gel, cure and apply colour cure etc.  You can even file in between layers and reapply gel…no need for more bonder.  Bonder is only required once prior to any application

T.E.N was the first company to create a one-step system, one gel does everything from base, build to top.  The line also offers a unique customization of colour mixing, by adding in pigments, glitters etc to the gel.   Think of this, every time you custom mix a colour you are customizing for your client specifically.  You are a colour connoisseur!  If you make a colour you love, you can premix what you want and keep it in a little black jar so its ready to go.  TEN also sells our Sculpt 2 Poly Gel in 5ml containers and you can create your own custom colours with glitters and pigments you already have. We added more photo initiators to the gel so we knew the tech would achieve a proper cure for their product.  Also, a reason there is no dispersion layer to deal with.  

HybriDuo is the process of combining our poly gel with our acrylic. These two components of TEN, gel & acrylic, create a unique hybrid blend together. This works because our polymer is a poly pure polymer. The two products (gel & acrylic) are from the same chemical makeup which allows them to bind together, where other powders not being of the same poly pure makeup, would be like mixing in big rocks. Those acrylic powders are larger particles and don’t “mix” with gel. An example is; when you mix other acrylic into other gel and cure it, it would just break apart. Because of the smaller poly particles in our powders it can blend and link up for unmatched strength with the ultimate flexibility of the science of Poly.      

Why would you use the Hybrid system?  Each client is unique and requires customization to their personal nail enhancement.  As we know, flexibility, typically found in gels, are perfect for some clients but others may require more stiffness than the gel is able to provide.  Why? because its how the client use’s their hands.  Everyone is different and this is why some clients prefer acrylic over gel or vice versa.  For a lot of customers and techs you hear, “gel is the best” while others swear by wearing/using Acrylic only. Why is that?  Our wide research through working nail techs, has concluded non other, than personalization! Gel gives a client a unique amount of flexibility, while acrylic clients have a stronger not so flexible nail, but with T.E.N’s HyrbriDuo technique we have a product that will give you both flexibility and strength that is customization to your clients needs.

Odorless like gel, strength/stiffness of acrylic and work ability that can be customized – PERFECTION!

***We must all understand the importance of sculpting a correct structure in an enhancement such as the c-curve and apex. It is of the utmost importance to a quality nail enhancement whether it be acrylic or gel.  

Poly Polish AMAZING!
Such a versatile product and only one of its kind on the market.  This is a very thin polish like clear gel that you can add pigments to create you very own custom gel polishes. The most amazing thing is that you can turn ANY nail polish into gel polish, the possibilities are just amazingly endless.  From sheer tints to full coverage colors, glitter and shimmer top coats and fades. OMG ! fades and ombre have never been easier. Top coat – beautiful.  Heck we have clients who build their nails with PolyPolish.  

T.E.N is a “product specific” company and by this I mean we use a private chemist and do not purchase from multiple chemical companies.  Benefit?  Using one of our gels you will know how all our gels cure, what the strength of them are and no dispersion layers to deal with.  No guessing period.