Please submit a copy of your Nail Certificate
with this registration to sales@tuffenuffnails.ca.  

PLEASE NOTE: All our customers certificates are kept on file and checked on your first order.
It is NOT necessary to send it everytime.  We have it filed.  If we don’t, we will contact you. 
Once you complete the registration and send the certificate you will 

automatically be able to see pricing and can place an order.  You do NOT need to
be pre-approved by the company.  IF we do not receive a
certificate we will NOT ship product.  We will contact you for it and if we don’t hear from 
you we will  refund your money.  

This is a PROFESSIONAL only nail site. This website and products found on
this site are intended for use by the Licensed Professional Nail Tech.
When ordering Tuff Enuff Nails Product please ensure you are a professional
Nail Technician who carries a valid license or certification in the use of
applying artificial nail products.
These products is NOT intended for individuals who do not carry such licenses.
Tuff Enuff Nails Canada will not be held responsible for any of those person(s)
who do not carry such requirements.