Nail Technicians are you looking to further your career?
Thought about joining a Company?

TEN is ramping it up! We are on the look out,not only for experienced Nail Technicians, but also people who feel they have something to offer “our” company.
We are seeking people for our team with a desire to do something more in their career. Maybe you have a great idea for our company or maybe you have something unique to offer us? Hey, why not let “us” know who you are or how you could be a great asset to our team? 

We are coordinating a TEAM of men & women who share the following core values; positive, energetic, respectful, truthful, hardworking, educational & talented.
If our business interests you and you believe that you would be a great addition to our TEAM, then send us your information and comments.

Join Team T.E.N