Welcome to Tuff Enuff Nails

Our  Mission statement and promise to you;
“To introduce our product line with simplicity & versatility, to educate & inspire while remaining positive, energetic & respectful to all in our industry.  To work hard and play hard, the same integrity used to create this company”.

Barbara Hjerpe is CEO of Tuff Enuff Nails Canada, bringing innovative nail products to nail techs. TEN products are extremely durable, easy to use and very cost effective. Barb has been a working nail tech in the industry for 30 years.
In 2008 she decided to share her product and love for it with other nail techs by starting her own product company, and that’s how Tuff Enuff Nails was created.

Me and my beautiful mother.  The one who Im thankful to for the start and support of this business.

Barb and her beautiful mother, Shirley.
Once a team, and in heart always together!

Barb is a little shy but that doesn’t hold her back.  Once you start chatting with her you will see the true gem behind this company.  She is dedicated to helping you grow your capabilities and get you to your next level of success as a nail technician no matter what that is. 
Her passion daily with creativity & hard work shows the love for her business.

Expert Products for Expert Technicians

Why T.E.N?

We offer 3 gels that all work the same way, the only difference is the viscosities.
 So once you know one, you know them all!

Any  of T.E.N’s gels can be used for the base, builder & top coat and even colour mixing.  AWESOME!  
We do suggest using our Poly Polish for your top coat and whats great about Poly Polish is it mixes with any nail polish to create your own customized gel polish colours.

Coloured gels with the same strength and same curing.  
Oh did I mention that you could use them as a builder too?

HybriDuo System.  Not sure what this is?  Check it out at Get Educated/About TEN.