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About our Product

2008 T.E.N’s LINKAGE was created. Linkage has become the most sought after bonder making it a industry leader.

It has helped many technicians, from beginner to pro, with problem lifters of all magnitudes.
Linkage is the nail technician’s best friend in business.  It is used for application of sculpts or tips, fills & re-balance’s, used under a simple nail polish application, used under gel polish application or used as a repair product for the natural nail.
Thousands of Nail technicians can’t live without Linkage.

How does it work?  Linkage works as a molecular bridge attaching to the keratin in the natural nail plate putting a protective layer over it and then attaching to the enhancement of choice whether it be gel or acrylic,  gel polish or nail polish.

T.E.N is a “product specific” company and by this I mean we use a private chemist and do not purchase from multiple chemical companies.  Benefit?  Using one of our gels you will know how all our gels cure, what the strength of them are and no dispersion layers to deal with.  No guessing period.

Client Testimonials

Paige Mullen
I have one client who I tried everything under the sun to keep her middle finger nail on and nothing worked. Until TEN. I used it on her twice and when she came for her 3rd fill with TEN she had VERY little lifting on that middle finger nail!!
Another client again I tried everything and she continuously had lifting, bad enough they were hanging on by the free edge. Used TEN twice and BOOM! NO lifting at all ????

Jessica-Rae Day
I got to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Linkage & Poly Polish combo from Tuff Enuff Nails. I’ve had problem lifting on my pointer and middle fingers for the whole 8 years of getting my nails done, severe lifting at that, not even 2 weeks after getting my nails done every single time (doing them myself and getting them done by other techs) and this was the first time I used it on myself and OMG not a bit of lifting and it’s been about 6 weeks since I filled these. As a tech I don’t get a chance to do my own nails until I’m forced to because they are falling off because of growth and the lifting would always drive me crazy but I would deal with it because I had to and now I can live in PEACE!