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Client Testimonials

Paige Mullen
I have one client who I tried everything under the sun to keep her middle finger nail on and nothing worked. Until TEN. I used it on her twice and when she came for her 3rd fill with TEN she had VERY little lifting on that middle finger nail!!
Another client again I tried everything and she continuously had lifting, bad enough they were hanging on by the free edge. Used TEN twice and BOOM! NO lifting at all ????

Jessica-Rae Day
I got to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Linkage & Poly Polish combo from Tuff Enuff Nails. I’ve had problem lifting on my pointer and middle fingers for the whole 8 years of getting my nails done, severe lifting at that, not even 2 weeks after getting my nails done every single time (doing them myself and getting them done by other techs) and this was the first time I used it on myself and OMG not a bit of lifting and it’s been about 6 weeks since I filled these. As a tech I don’t get a chance to do my own nails until I’m forced to because they are falling off because of growth and the lifting would always drive me crazy but I would deal with it because I had to and now I can live in PEACE!